Rig Equipment
Workover Rig Package
No pit disposal
Includes rig and equipment, pump package, 120 or 200 bbl tank,
one set of pipe racks, and a four man crew.

Pump Packages
No pit disposal, 6 hour minimum per day
Gardner-Denver PAH or PJ8 with 8V-71 Detroit skid mounted
Gardner-Denver PAH or PJ8 with Detroit Series 60

Gardner-Denver TEE BFB or National JWS 165 with 6-71 Detroit skid mounted

Mud Mixer
Skid mounted mud hopper, centrifugal pump,and Detroit engine

Base Beam
7-1/2" X 1' X 40' Rig up beam

 4' X 3-1/2'' X 40' Catwalk

Workover Tanks
Operator must clean tanks prior to release and return
120 or 200 bbl steel tank

Blowout Preventers
Hydraulic BOP, 7-1/16" 5000 double

Hydraulic BOP, 7-1/16" 3000 single

*Damaged or ruined rams, wipers, or stripped rubber will be charged to customer at current retail prices.

Pressure Hose
2" X 35' X 5000 psi

One-ton service truck

1/2 & 3/4 ton service truck

130 bbl vacuum truck

Two-ton service truck

       w/ goose-neck trailer

Truck driver




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